On the eve of Newark NJ being classified as one of the most dangerous cities in the country and the most unfriendly, I present Brick City Project to challenge those claims. Brick city project is a series of found bricks painted with positive scenes of Newark as a way to educate the public on the spectacular events happening in our city that are often overshadowed by negative press. This is my rebellion against the world and what the media has to say about my home town. Through my art, my passion is to show the world that Newark is more than a poverty stricken town filled with gang violence and drug addiction, but has a thriving culture of prosperous growth and potential. These bricks show a different often unseen side of Newark. They show our passion and commitment to overcome the challenges that plague our city and continue to make it a successful and welcoming place to live, thrive and work.



Viewers of the installation are challenged to educate themselves beyond what’s scene on television or read in newspapers and experience Newark as a community envisioned through art. Each brick tells its own story of its uniqueness and special quality that its image possesses. This collection brings together the better parts of the city of Newark that one doesn't usually have the opportunity to see in one place. Brick City Project highlights the highlights of New Jersey’s largest and underrated city as a way to remind viewers of the vitality and lifestyle the city is capable of. Each brick is an authentic piece of the city, collected from construction sites and abandoned buildings, they bring the energy from the past when Newark was New Jersey’s central place of commerce and entertainment, to meet today's ever changing version of the city and its cultural rebirth.


Bold, colorful, intricate; from the rubble, these bricks have emerged reenergized with new life and potential. They stand as a reminder that Newark has many faces and many stages of change, but through it all, we are here to stay.

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