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Custom Portrait Submission Form

Thank you for choosing my service to capture your unique and cherished moment through a commissioned Watercolor Portrait.  It is truly humbling to know that my artistic skills have caught your attention and that you are considering me to capture your special moment  in a  painting. Each commission is a unique and rewarding experience for me, as I strive to bring your vision to life and create a piece of art that truly reflects the subject's  personality and emotions. I look forward to working together to create a beautiful and meaningful portrait.


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Step 1:  Fill out  form


Step 2: Upload a clear photo of the person or pet to be painted. Upload up 3  photos for portraits of more than one subject. (*Paintings will be based on reference photos submitted ) 

Step 3:Choose the painting size:

11x14 inches - $150

16x20 inches - $300

Step 4: Add special instructions (optional)

Step 5: Click "Check Out" 


***Price includes up to 3  people and/or pets per paintingPlease allow up to  2 weeks for completion & delivery. Paintings are shipping unframed on watercolor archival paper. All prices include delivery in the United States. 

You will receive an image of the completed project in your email for review along with tracking info.

Please feel free to email if you have any questions.

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Thanks for submitting!

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